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Variety Pack

Our variety 12 and 6 packs are available for statewide shipping throughout California.




We crusaded deep into forbidden seas searching for the perfect beverage formula. After nearly giving up hope, the almighty Poseidon himself visited us in a dream.

After the wise one heard our tales of bubbly grandeur he smiled upon us and shed one single tear. It would be this very tear that would inspire our three unique flavors.


Party Wave was born on the belief that your squad and POG matter. However mysterious the two might be, both experiences give you a confidence that your life was meant for something much bigger than yourself.

All we can assure you of is a raging party for your palette that will give you pause and wonder if this is the greatest moment of your life. A moment that’s been crammed with Passionfruit, Orange and Guava. A moment that cannot accurately be described with mere words, it must be felt, nay, tasted.

The Falls

We’ve learned that when you ramrod Mango and Pineapple into a big body of bubble water it’s something every person on earth loves.

Slide this liquid down your gullet and you will be thrown into a frenzy of flavor. You will hang on for dear life itself, but we cannot make promises on your fate.


They say that pain is just weakness leaving the body, and they had it right. There is nothing weak about this Blood Orange flavor that awaits your sorry soul. This will alter the course of likely everything you do from here on out. This is your moment. Your name will echo in eternity as Blood Orange angel trumpets sing your name.

You were, “the one who dove into the waters of glory and lived to tell the tale”, they’ll say. Blood Oranges will dance in your mind as they glisten in the sun. And after you’ve tasted of the sweet Blood Orange fruits, you begin to realize you will never be the same. Some call it nirvana, others say its paradise, but one thing is true this can’t be articulated.

Squad assemble.

Wet your whistle with these three unique flavors that will take your stoke to the max and redefine your lifes purpose.